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Land Hire

With its stunning backdrop and over 270 hectares of land, Mugdock could be the perfect place to host your outdoor event or activity.

Mugdock has their own packed calendar of events and activities throughout the year but we also welcomes enquiries from the organisations and individuals looking to host their own special event or gathering.

Popular areas for hiring include Gallowhill (could also include the adjacent BBQ Site), overflow car park, Mugdock Castle grounds or gardens or an area around the Courtyard.

We also allow race or trail events throughout the park. This would usually mean sharing paths with our regular park users but measures would be put in place to ensure everyone's safety is top priority

Activity or event

We hire out areas of the park for lots of different purposes including organised runs, corporate away days, community group activities, weddings or family gatherings, filming and much more.

We are also open to new ideas and suggestions for hiring land at Mugdock!

Cost to hire

The cost is dependent on the area you are hiring, the activity and whether it is a ticketed event or not.

For example a full day hire of Gallowhill would start at £300 and this could rise if you require it into the evening or are keeping a tent or marquee on the site into the following day or putting up the day before.

If you are having a ticketed event, the charge may be a small fee per participant plus a reduced land hire fee on top.

A member of staff will discuss your requirements with you then give you a quote before the hire is confirmed.

Please call 0141 956 6100 to discuss or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Toilets are located in the Courtyard which is close to the main car park and these are available for your use. If you are having a large event then we may ask that you marshall the toilets to ensure they do not become too busy as other park users will be using these too. You may also be advised to order additional portaloos but this can all be discussed when you enquire. There are no further toilets outwith the Courtyard area so you would be required to hire in your own facilities.

Electricity and lighting

There are some electricity points at areas close to the Courtyard. Likewise there is some lighting in this area as well. Sites outwith this area don’t have access to electricity though you would be welcome to bring a generator if you require power.


A staff member will discuss your event requirements with you and if all parties are satisfied with the details then we will give you written confirmation that your event can go ahead.

We will also advise if you require any licenses or further permissions and you can find more details of this tariffs.

If this is a charity or commercial event then we will also require a copy of your Public Liability Insurance and a Risk Assessment.

Marquees or gazebos

We do allow you to put up a temporary covering for your event but would ask you to ensure that this is safely secured to the ground.

If your structure is staying up overnight then we may advise that you have someone looking after it or if you are hiring from a company then they usually supply security for an additional cost.

*Mugdock can not be responsible for any structures which are damaged when left unattended.