Mugdock Country Park Notice
Operations and businesses at Mugdock Country Park are now closed and there is NO access to any of the car parks. Please note that no-one should be driving to Mugdock Country Park.   Scottish Government advice is to stay at home.  Exercise is permitted each day, but only close to home.  Unnecessary travel should be avoided, and travelling to the Country Park or any other natural beauty spots in the area by car is not essential travel.


Full details of East Dunbartonshire Council's service delivery can be found on their website at www.eastdunbarton.gov.u

*Note for all East Dunbartonshire Parks and open spaces, including Mugdock Country Park. 

To help reduce the potential spread of coronavirus (COVID 19) please do not use parks to congregate in large groups. 

Government advice is to exercise in small family groups while observing social distancing and hygiene and to exercise 

outside for only a short period (one hour) a day. Maintenance of parks and open spaces is now suspended as services deal with 

emergency and essential works only.


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