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Conservation at Mugdock

Mugdock Country Park, East Dunbartonshire, and Stirlingshire all have a rich mosaic of habitats and a diverse range of associated wildlife. Conservation management aims to preserve, protect, and restore and enhance our natural environment.

The Ranger Service works to benefit species and habitats described in East Dunbartonshire and Stirling’s Biodiversity Action plans. Mugdock Wood, Mugdock Loch and Drumclog Moor are all part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Ranger Service looks after the conservation of these areas and other countryside sites in East Dunbartonshire including Merkland Local Nature Reserve in Kirkintilloch and Lenzie Moss Local Nature Reserve. A lot of the work that is carried out in these areas is done with groups of volunteers.

If you are interested in learning new skills or carrying out practical conservation and maintenance tasks there are a number of ways that you can get involved. We can work with your business or group on a special conservation task day, or we can work with your group to help them to complete their Duke of Edinburgh or John Muir Awards. If you want to volunteer regularly then you can join the Mugdock Conservation Volunteers.

Have a look at the Volunteering page for more information.