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The Mugdock Gunsite

Gun BatteryClose to Mugdock Wood and along the ridge west of the Castle is a Second World War anti-aircraft gunsite. It was erected in 1942, almost a year after the Clydebank Blitz and formed part of the Clyde Basin anti-aircraft defence. There are four placements for 3.7” guns.

The command post would have contained the fire-control instruments including a predictor, height finder and radar equipment.

Each battery around the Clyde Basin would have fired in sequence once enemy aircraft came within range. Nearby were some Nissen huts with capacity for 70 people. These were used by the army unit which manned the battery.


Clydebank Blitz

The Clydebank area suffered enormous damage during the raids on 13th/14th March and 7th April 1941. Casualties were high - 538 dead and 973 seriously injured – but the shipyards were left almost untouched. Parachute mines fell on Drumclog and Dumbrock Moors. In Strathblane, there were four fatalities - a man, a woman and her two children.