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Our Heritage

Located in beautiful semi-natural and formal landscapes yet only 10 miles from Glasgow city centre, Mugdock Country Park offers an exciting visit to the countryside. Once home of the ‘noble Grahams’ for many centuries, these lands have many great stories to tell. The areas within and bordering the country park supported many early settlers with natural springs, well-stocked natural hunting grounds, ideal land-forms acting as natural defences providing communities protection from the elements and combating forces.

A ‘New Stone Age site’ is thought to have been located east of the visitor centre and North of Mugdock Castle. It is believed to date from 4,000 – 2,000 BC. A Bronze Age farm is located near the summit of the grassy extension in the North-West Car Park and South of the weather station. There were three buildings – a house, a byre and a barn. A wooden palisade surrounding the farm is believed to date from the period 1,800 – 800 BC. Moothills, Crannogs, Castles, Gallows, Baronial mansions, Victorian gardens and Second World War Gun Sites – all have a story to tell and all made a contribution to Scotland’s history.Today that history can still be enjoyed by visiting Mugdock Country Park’s beautiful countryside.