BBQ/Land Site Hires


BBQ Land/Site Hire

BBQ/Land Site HiresThere are two BBQ sites: Gallowhill BBQ and The Pond BBQ

Both sites are enclosed with a fence and gate.  Inside each you will find two large grills and a covered area over a large table with benches around the perimeter.
Gallowhill backs onto a large area of open land which is ideal for larger groups (up to 200), or for groups with children or youngsters who want lots of room to run around and play!  It is situated close to the children’s playpark and adventure trail.

The Pond BBQ is ideal for groups of up to about 40 but does not have ‘extra’ land immediately adjacent. It is situated just outside the walled garden, next to Craigend Pond.Hire cost:£40 for groups of 30 people or less and £50 for groups of 31 or more.

Please note that on weekend dates between May and August both sites get booked up very early.  (Some regular customers book up a year in advance!) so please don’t wait too long before you call to book. 

There are two time slots:11am – 5pm and 6pm – close. 

You are welcome to stay in the park as late as you like, however if you have a car you must remove it from the car park and park outside on the road before 9pm otherwise you risk getting it locked in all night. 
You need to bring with you: charcoal, lighter and cooking utensils. 

Because they can do a huge amount of damage to property, vegetation, wildlife and humans, disposable BBQs are not allowed anywhere within the park and our park wardens will ask you to remove it if you bring one.

Land Site Hire
Campsite Use
(Uniformed Groups) £2.50 pp
Open Space Site Hire £300/day


Please call our booking office on 0141 956 6100 for further information about our Land Site Hires